One of my favorite things about summer is the array of fresh fruits and vegetables available straight from the garden.  Apart from the delicious flavor of just-picked produce, it is so much more fun to eat vegetables on a plate that looks like a rainbow.  I love sliced tomatoes, fresh green beans, and corn on the cob for dinner.  The colors are beautiful and I feel great after eating healthy food filled with living nutrients.  

Get in my belly!

Since my diagnosis, I (my mom especially) have been extra careful to watch my food and eat as many nutrients as possible.  I love fruits and vegetables anyway so my diet wasn’t a huge deal to modify.  I’m learning that food is medicine and you just feel better when you eat well.  There are so many benefits to eating your vitamins and minerals as opposed to popping vitamin pills and eating is way more fun.  Summer is the easiest time to eat well due to the variety of produce that is readily available and in season so go veggie crazy!

I’m learning the importance of what I call “eating the rainbow.”  Eat as many colors in a meal as possible to cover your nutrient bases.  It’s easier that you think.  

Yellow:  Yellow vegetables like summer squash contain lutein.  Lutein is great for eye health and immunity.  Yellow citrus is a great source of vitamin C which is good for immunity and helps the body absorb a range of other vitamins and minerals – especially iron.  

Squeeze a little lemon!

Orange:  Orange vegetables contain vitamin A or beta carotene (hence carrots).  Beta Carotene has flavonoid compounds being an antioxidant that boosts immunity and helps the body fight infection and disease.  Orange foods are very good for hair, skin, and eyes – and they are delicious.  

Orange you glad?

Green:  Everything green is good for you.  Green vegetables like spinach and kale contain iron and essential vitamins.  Did you know zucchini has more potassium than bananas?  Green leafy vegetables also contain fiber that is great for digestion.  I have an herb garden at home and green, leafy salads with fresh herbs are my favorite.


Red:  I don’t have a tomato photo.  I need to go to the market, I know.  Tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, and strawberries are high in lycopene that is another great antioxidant.  Lycopene is good for immunity and a proven disease fighter also.  Watermelon (I love it) and other red pigmented foods is high in vitamin C.  Eating fruits like watermelon add fiber and help the body eliminate waste.  Yes!

Blue/Purple:  Blueberries, red grapes, blackberries, eggplant – contain powerful antioxidants that help immunity and fight disease.  The pigments means these foods contain anthrocyanins that are anti-inflammatory so they help to reduce inflammation.  I would live solely on blueberries if I could.  I’m serious.

Blueberries – I saved the best for last!

Have some fun this summer and try “eating the rainbow.”  I think you’ll find some delicious options and maybe surprise yourself with how simple proper eating can be.

I’d also love to hear from any reader that has improved their health through diet.  I can always use a little encouragement or a great tip!  

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