I have several sisters.  I was a bridesmaid in their weddings.  They are younger and were married before me – considerably (years) before my wedding.  Once a woman said to me, “Julie, you’re always a bridesmaid, but never a bride.”  It was horribly embarrassing because she said it in a very public place.  I carried that “shame” with me for a long time.  It’s tough to live in the rural south in your 30’s and still be single.  You must have extreme neurosis not to find a man that is willing to marry you, right?  Now that I’m married, I’m not sure the grass is always greener because there are pros and cons to being both unmarried and married.  I will say this though – I’m more protective of my single friends now than ever.

Just Married

Being single for some is a legitimate and conscious choice, and that is fine by me.  Some women (or men) don’t feel the need to find a “soul mate,” whatever that means.  The truth in most relationships is that you’ll never find someone to complete you.  If you aren’t complete before you get married or find a long-term relationship, you’re going to be incomplete in that relationship too.  Men will never be your happiness.  Happiness comes from within, I believe it is a God given feeling of contentment when you find peace within yourself and your situation.  I also believe that you’re not always going to be happy, whether you are married or single.  Miserable people are going to say miserably unkind things to others.  It only makes them more ugly on the inside and out…So to the sadly misguided lady; yes, I did finally get married.  Nevertheless, I’m also really happy for my friends that are thriving in their single lives.  The moral of this story is let’s be happy for our friends and acquaintances no matter what their life status happens to be.  Here are some of our wedding day photos, it was a happy day.

And they lived happily ever after!

My cousin Kade Warriner was killed as a teenage soldier while serving in Afghanistan.  His mother gave me his flag patch from his uniform as my “something borrowed.”  It was a very special day and I was honored to weave his patch into my bouquet.


In memory of Kade


Not always a bridesmaid…


The church


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