It’s spring and for many that means time to get rid of the dust and clutter that builds up during the shut in winter months.  Organizing can be a daunting task.  Finding a good place to put things or something to put them in can be a real challenge.  There are some inexpensive tricks you may use to make the job a cinch.  Stacking colorful plastic cups is a great way to keep things organized and easy to find.  It’s fun and money saving way for adults and kids to make cleaning up effortless!

Easy Organizing

Plastic cups make inexpensive compartments for stuff – art stuff, office stuff, toy stuff – you get the idea.  There is more than one way to fasten the cups together.


The materials are simple.  You need plastic cups (20 cents each at a discount store) and either magnetic tape or paper clips.  


I made the organizer two ways.  First I clipped the stack together with paper clips.  This was SO easy and worked well.  Next I tried pieces of magnetic tape along the top of the cup.  Magnetic tape is found at any art or discount store.  It is a flexible magnet with adhesive on the back.  It is relatively inexpensive, but the paper clips cost even less.  Press the magnets onto the cup and then stick the cups together.  This isn’t brain surgery.

Press the tape onto the cup

Next, place all the miscellaneous markers, pens, small toys, Barbie shoes, crayons, or whatever into the cups in a way that makes sense and next time you need that pen, marker, etc…it will be easy to find!

Effortless Organizing


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