We call them makeup tricks for a reason.  Makeup can be tricky to apply and quite the challenge to properly accentuate features without being too little or too much.  During the winter months, my skin turns dry and pale and I sometimes feel gross no matter what makeup I wear.  So, I asked makeup artist Miah Zimmerman for an easy makeup look to battle the blahs winter brings.  She created a rosy, glowing winter look to balances the face – AND it can be recreated at home in less than 20 minutes.  I call it Sugar Plum Fairy because of the soft pink hues against glowing skin.  Thanks to our naturally beautiful (with or without makeup) model Carolyn Cody, hairstylist Heather Rogers, and Haircut 101.  
Start with a bare face.  Miah applied BB cream, a great base and moisturizer, by Tarte on the entire face.  Then she applied Smooth Operator Eye Base by Tarte for a foundation for eye makeup.
After the base of BB Cream, brush on Organic Mineral Foundation by Afterglow.  I love mineral foundation because it is powder and foundation in one and brushes on just like a fine powder.  The cost and time savings of combining two products in one is great.


Once the face is set, Miah applied Tarte Shadow on the eyes.  The palate in the photo is Femme Naturale.  


Miah applied a rose pink shade on the eyelids.


And a darker shade on the eyelid crease.  Blend, blend, blend.


Using a small brush, apply brown eye shadow below the lower lid at the lash line for lower eyeliner.  This line will be softer than the upper lid liner.


Miah applied Tarte Inner Rim Brightener to the inside rim of the lower eyelid.  This gives the eyes an extra pop.


At this point you should be able to look in the mirror and see the effect of blended eye shadow, rim brightener, and lower eyelid liner.


Using a very thin brush, apply eyeliner to the upper lid along the lash line.  You may use pencil or liquid liner.  Miah said if you use liquid liner and have trouble making a straight line, use a touch of dark eyeshadow on top of the line.  Smudging eye shadow along with the liner creates balance and blends away imperfections that may exist.


Next, fill in the eyebrows with an brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your actual brows.  Fill in above and below the brow with the pencil.  Miah used a Tarte Brow Pencil.


Use a brush to smudge this color and blend it into your natural brows.


Dab a bit of cream blush along the jaw bone line or powder blush if you prefer.


To create openness in the eye, apply a highlighter below the eyebrow and in the corner of the eyes.


Finish the eye with mascara on the lashes.  Wiggle the brush back and forth to make sure lashes are well coated.


Do not leave your house without a coat of lip gloss.  Even if you choose to wear lipstick, use a dab of lip gloss on your lips for shine.
Glowing, gorgeous winter skin and face.  Less than 20 minutes and you’re out the door.


For more information on Tarte and Afterglow Cosmetics, Miah Zimmerman, and Heather Rogers, please visit www.haircut101.com.  



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