Playing can get messy!  Between markers, paint, glitter, glue, and bubbles (and don’t forget the drinks and snacks); there is always the potential for huge messes.  Make life easier for yourself once the inevitable call for help comes by placing a quick paper towel roll near the play area.  Using this method, in seconds you can mount the roll out of the reach of small hands to reduce waste.  It costs about 75 cents to make this holder.  I bought reusable/removable hooks so  it mounts anywhere for quick removal or moving to another location.


Make cleanup a cinch!

The materials list is short:  Ribbon, Paper Towel roll, and a hook.  I used removable hooks, but you could use a nail, a hook already mounted to the wall or door – whatever you have available.  A behind the door mount is great because it is already mounted high on the door so little hands won’t waste the paper towels by using too many.


Thread the ribbon through the center of the roll. 

Ribbon through center

Tie the ribbon once.  Then tie it again to form a small loop.  Hang the loop on the hook.

Tie the ribbon

And that’s it.  You’re done and ready for the next spill!

Ready for cleanup!

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