More often than not, I come home from work and roll my eyes at the thought of making dinner.  Sometimes I’m exhausted from the day and being in the kitchen for any amount of time is a daunting task.  So I cheat by serving dinner with very little cooking.  It is super easy using 5 ingredients and under 10 minutes.  Nobody will ever know you aren’t Martha Stewart… 

Dinner in 10!

This dinner cost about $10.  You may choose organic or conventional ingredients, it is up to you.  At the supermarket I purchased a rotisserie chicken, dried cranberries, garlic couscous, tomatoes, and one cucumber.  You could also choose minute rice or another set of veggies if tomatoes and cucumbers aren’t your jam.


Begin with the couscous because that is the one thing you have to boil.  Prepare it according to the directions.  I use olive oil instead of butter and only half of the seasoning packet.  It cuts down on the sodium.  I also throw in a handful of dried cranberries for color and a twist on basic couscous.  You may also use scallions, nuts, dried fruit, or frozen vegetables if you want something different.  Put them in as the water is brought to a boil.  Then add the couscous to the boiling water, stir it, and turn the heat down.  In five minutes it is ready – presto!

Couscous with Cranberries

Roughly chop the vegetables into a bowl as the couscous is absorbing the water.  

Chop the Veggies

I mix it up with salad dressing.  For this article, I used Newman’s Own Creamy Balsamic dressing.  You may choose olive oil and vinegar or another prepared dressing.  For picky eaters, you could throw in a handful of grated cheese.  Do whatever works for you.

Simple Salad

Slice the chicken and plate the salad.  Stir the couscous to fluff it up and serve.  Dinner in 10 minutes or less that doesn’t break the bank.  It is also simple to clean the kitchen so you can relax and enjoy the evening.  Delicious!

Dinner in 10!

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