I’ve been MIA from the blog for the last week.  I’ve had a somber few days; I fluctuated between sitting in the fetal position and drowning my stress in fatty foods.  Our family watched a loved one succumb to cancer.  We were fortunate to be with him as he crossed over so I am grateful for that.  He courageously battled the horrible, horrible disease for several years.  It wasn’t unexpected, but is death ever expected?  Can we actually prepare ourselves fully for the passing of someone we love?  

But there is Joy in the Morning

It’s a difficult situation you can never understand until you live through it.  I had no idea until experiencing it with my grandfather in 2007.  The death of a loved one changes life forever – everything changes.  I hate change, I hate getting used to the idea that someone I love won’t be there anymore.  It takes so much getting used to and grief can be really heavy.  I don’t have anything profound to say.  I’ll be back to blogging tomorrow – but I’ll sign off with this quote from Rick Warren that has really helped me.



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