Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Yikes!  Only 5 days until Christmas!  So, Last Minute Christmas Ideas help save the day during this hectic time of year.  On Monday morning’s WCCB Rising, all things Christmas-y for those last minute preparations were on the menu.  We discussed everything from DIY gifts to table decor and gift wrapping for free!  Whoa!  Check out … Continue Reading

Mint Chocolate Dot Cookies

I’ve eaten more sugar in the last 10 days than I should probably eat in an entire year.  It seems like each day of the holiday season a tempting and delicious goodie is placed in front of me and I have to eat it.  I feel gross and have absolutely zero will power.  But that’s … Continue Reading

Recycled Tree Holiday Decor

By this time in the holiday rush I’m spent – both physically and financially and I’m only interested in ideas that are inexpensive and easy.  Today’s idea is pretty straightforward.  I used old books to create Recycled Tree Holiday Decor (remember our fall pumpkin idea?).  The two trees are the cut and curl – one … Continue Reading

DIY Holiday Door Decor

My friend Lyndsey is my DIY spirit animal.  I knew this because I saw some of her projects before we met.  She is so creative I sometimes feel like a DIY poser next to her.  Luckily (for you) she agreed to do a couple of projects before the holidays and the how-to’s.  She just throws … Continue Reading