Effortless Girl on Facebook

I am learning to navigate the world of social media.  It’s a weird statement for a blogger to make, I get that.  I’m just not a technology whiz.  But it’s time for this blog to be on Facebook (you may already find Effortless Girl on Twitter or Instagram) but now you can check out the blog on Facebook.  Check … Continue Reading

DIY Concrete Pendant Lamps

I love concrete.  It is a natural, green building material that looks great in any application.  Concrete has tons of uses from foundations to counter tops and now home decor.  I found some really great pendants made from concrete at a local lighting store.  My problem is the cost for one pendant ranged from $159-$245 … Continue Reading

The “Rise” of a World Class Bakery…and Tips to Make the Best Bread Ever

There are only so many days in life that I would classify as extraordinary.  You know, those days that something magnificent happens or you meet someone great or have a day that leaves you smiling for days to come?  I recently had a day like that – and I have the photos to prove it. … Continue Reading

Effortless At Home Spring Break!

It’s the time for spring break.  If you aren’t a college student, it may be challenging to fill the week with something other than television – what is there to do at home for a whole week?  This morning WCCB Rising featured an Effortless Girl segment with all things spring break!  Take a minute to relax and … Continue Reading