Effortless Hosting: How to Deal with The Messy Holiday Guest

Tis the season for house guests.  Many of us will have a house full of friends and relatives for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or any of the days in between.  The minute I realize guests are on the way, my stomach does a little churn.  I get a sense of slight panic as my eyes dart … Continue Reading

@Effortlessgirl – Do You Follow Effortless Girl on Twitter?

Happy Friday Effortless Girl Tweeps!  Do you follow @effortlessgirl on Twitter?  If not you’re gonna miss out…During the month of December we will be announcing flash giveaways and discount codes via Twitter first!  If you aren’t a Twitter follower you may miss out or get left waayyy behind!  So click the Twitter icon on the upper … Continue Reading

Spend Thanksgiving Morning With Effortless Girl on Charlotte’s News Rising!

We have exciting news Effortless Girl readers!  Effortless Girl’s Julie was invited to appear on the Thanksgiving Day Morning Show on Charlotte’s WCCB News Rising!  Julie will bring effortless tips for your Thanksgiving Day table decorations that are simple and fun for the whole family!  WCCB airs on Channel 18 on Direct TV or Channel … Continue Reading

How, What, Wine?

Now that the holiday season is upon us, there will be numerous occasions for which you will need to bring a gift.  For dinner parties and the proverbial foodies in our lives, the gift of a bottle of wine is the most obvious choice.  My problem is that I don’t drink.  I know nothing about … Continue Reading