Bubble Gum and Broken Glass

Sometimes I feel like a giant phony.  No this post isn’t about autumn crafts, handy tricks around the kitchen, or amazing ways to turn a Q-Tip into a quilt.  Life isn’t always fluff and bubble gum.  Sometimes life feels like broken glass that is sharp and jagged to step on.  I love my blog.  I … Continue Reading

Simple Low-Fat Banana Bread

I love banana bread.  It tastes great and makes the house smell delicious as it bakes.  Banana bread is a great alternative to cake, but it tastes very similar.  I use a recipe that cuts out much of the fat and allows for adjustments to the sugar content so you can feel good about indulging … Continue Reading

Easy Dinner in 10 Minutes!

More often than not, I come home from work and roll my eyes at the thought of making dinner.  Sometimes I’m exhausted from the day and being in the kitchen for any amount of time is a daunting task.  So I cheat by serving dinner with very little cooking.  It is super easy using 5 … Continue Reading

Muffin Tops, Skinny Jeans, and Junk in the Trunk

In 2014 the combination of mass marketing and urban slang creates a confusing lingo that borders on comedy of the absurd.  As if women and some men don’t already have body issues, our culture slaps on a labeling system for our appearance and clothes that is a whole new language you must closely study to … Continue Reading