I’ve recently gone through a real rough patch.  You have no idea.  Today my friend Aleana is guest posting for Effortless Girl.  She wrote exactly what I needed today and I hope that her words will make your heart smile a little too because you are loved…..

you are loved. you are worthy.

For the Monday morning when you wake up & can think of a million (mostly non-justifiable) reasons to why you should just stay in bed. For the days when you feel like you don’t deserve any of the love you are given. For the times when you wonder what your worth truly is.

You are worthy. You are valued. You are needed. There is someone in this world that can’t imagine their life without you. Whether that is your parent, a friend, a spouse, the love of your life (that you may not have even crossed your paths with yet…) You are needed and loved by someone.

As humans, we are so easily consumed in the day to day hustle and bustle. We forget, we simply forget, to slow down and remind those around us of their value to us. The impact these people make on our daily, mundane life.

The littlest things that make you feel special. Like your significant other remembering you like lemons in your Diet Coke. Or your mother grabbing one of your favorite snacks when she knows you’ll be stopping by. Your friend calling simply to say “hello, how have you been”. It’s the simple, little things. These things are so tiny, yet so profound, and so easily forgotten.

It’s easy to forget how wonderful it is to be loved, when you have never experienced loss. Loss is the one of the sharpest pains imaginable. Whether that be loss in death, loss of a relationship, or loss of an item dear to your heart. “You never know what you have until it is gone.”  It’s true.

This is why I strive daily to make these little things big parts of our everyday life. It’s not easy, and sometimes it takes more time out of your day then you’d like. But, it’s effective. A sweet note on the bathroom counter as a reminder to your significant other of why you love them. A little gift for your sister, just to make her smile. A phone call to your parent, to say “Hey mom, I miss you…”.

One day all of these people that make your world profoundly better will be a memory, and their smile will be what you are left with. That is why the importance of slowing down, taking it in, and making someone feel loved today is so important.  You are loved.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. {Ephesians 4:2}

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