We are currently in the middle of what I’ll call the monsoon season where I live.  Almost every day we’ve had either a light sprinkle of rain all the way to a drenching down pour.  Fortunately the hardest rain has been at night (mostly).  Last week I went to the market and the sky was dark.  As I walked out the door, I caught myself because it was pouring rain.  I mean the hard to see across the parking lot rain.  I waited for a bit in the lobby of the store but decided to throw caution to the wind/rain and trekked the 100 yards or so to the car.  It was raining so hard that my the time I got to my car I was soaked right down to my underpants.  I get it that the earth needs the rain…but so much rain at once?  It was just a bad day.

So today I selected some super fun umbrellas for the summer.  Umbrellas make a bold fashion statement if you select the right one.  The cost range varies from not so much to crazy expensive so set your budget ahead of time.  Let’s go shopping!

I visited Bella Umbrella Shop online first.  I loved the Bubble Polka Dot Pink umbrella.  It retails for $40 and it’s great because it comes down deeper on the sides than standard umbrellas.  Driving rain doesn’t stand a chance.

Bubble Polka Dot Pink

Next I love the Western Chief Kids Umbrella in Pop-Up Ladybug.  How cute is this?  It retails for $27.

Western Chief Pop-up Lady Bug
I thought the Galleria Van Gogh “Irises” Umbrella from Amazon was very formal and looked like stained glass.  It would be great for a dressy occasion and retails at Amazon for $29.99.
Van Gogh Anyone?

Or if you’re more of a Monet person…the Galleria Monet Water Lillies Umbrella also retails at Amazon for $29.99

Monet Water Lillies

I love the blue skies on a rainy day with the MoMA Sky Umbrella.  It retails at Amazon for $54.95.

Blue skies no matter what!

And finally if you’re feeling frilly, go with the Lulu Triple Frill in Pink.

Triple Frill

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