Sigh, Christmas Day has come and gone…now is the time to pack up the decorations, take down the tree, and do something with the miles of lights that seem to knot themselves into oblivion every year.  This year, try something different instead of instantly packing your decorations.  Repurpose some of your ornaments, beads, and lights into festive New Year’s Eve decorations.  After the crunch that your wallet suffers shelling out gifts for everyone in your life, give yourself a break for the New Year by creating a beautiful party sans decoration costs – it takes seconds and it’s free!

NYE Possibilities!

Start with the obvious,  separate everything gold and silver from the rest of the decorations. The rest is up to you – be creative!  Some good ideas for your New Year’s Eve Party are:

– Use gold and silver ornaments to fill a decorative bowl or vase for a gorgeous centerpiece.  If you have garland or beading on the tree, spread it around the table.

– Use white lights around the dining room or buffet table area.  If you have a bar for the party, use the flashing sequence of lights to create a literally flashy bar.  Perhaps you could wind lights around bowls of chips or other foods on the buffet for a fun effect.

– Put the left over candy to use!  Separate gold and silver Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, or other candies wrapped in gold and silver.  Serve these in bowls to your guests – it saves on food costs and calories – you won’t have left over candy lying around that destroys your New Year’s fitness resolution!

Gold and silver holiday plate chargers make great party trays for serving food.  Just don’t put the plastic ones in the dishwasher.  It is such a bad idea and a hard lesson to learn, trust me.

– Using lights from the tree, make a flashing 2016 sign.  I purchased a piece of black foam board from a dollar store (for $1) and pressed the lights into the board around the edges.  I drew the numbers 2016 and then pressed flashing lights into the numbers.  It’s an easy and flashy decoration.

It’s 2016!!

– Have fun with your decor.  I think Christmas is too much effort to pack immediately away so keep the festive spirit going!  

Happy New Year!

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