I dislike trying on sunglasses.  I’m that indecisive person that tries on every pair of sunglasses in the store and still can’t decide what looks best, maybe it’s a self esteem thing.  I just have issues with picking the perfect pair, maybe there are too many choices.  I also hate to spend a small fortune on a plastic accessory that is going to fall from my head onto the floor and thus risk shattering several days in wages.  So this year I turned to my friend Keely of Made in the Shade, a trendy, yet affordable sunglasses boutique.  Sunglasses cost between $10 and $35. Their current summer sale offers buy one pair get the second half price!  The store is in NC but will ship all over the US.   Keely agreed to share with Effortless and Exquisite the tricks to selecting sunglasses for every face shape.

Keely from Made in the Shade
So the hunt for sunglasses begins.  There really are too many to choose from.  Keely starts by explaining everyone has a specific face shape – and there are more than I realized.  When selecting a pair of sunglasses, check for UV protection and comfort first.  Then decide on your face shape.  
Round Shaped Faces should focus on sharp, angular lines that elongate the face.  These shapes add angles to the face to soften and de-emphasize the round shape.  Cat eyes, square, or rectangular frames look great.

Round Shaped Faces

For Heart Shaped Faces, steer clear of straight lines across the top frame of the sunglasses.  Go for cat-eye frames;  perhaps dramatic butterfly or square frames will suit you.  Aviators and Rimless glasses also look great on this face shape.  

Heart Shaped Faces

Rectangular Shaped Faces look best in oversized lenses that will add width to the face.  The bigger, the BETTER!  Square, rectangle, or wayfarer styles are great for this face shape.

Rectangular Shaped Faces

If you are a Diamond Face shape, Keely suggests sticking to gently curved lines to compliment high cheek bones.  Rimless, Oval, and Wrap-Around Frames are beautiful on your face to accent your bone structure.

Diamond Shaped Faces

It’s hip to be square!  If you are have a Square Shaped Face you should focus on soft, rounded lines to contrast with the squareness of the face.  Aviators, Oval Frames, and the more round cat-eye frames look best.

Square Shaped Faces

For Oval Shaped Faces, the sky is the limit!  Most all sunglasses look great on your face shape so have fun with your style, you lucky dog.

Oval Shaped Faces

Retro sunglasses are all the rage this season and kids are no different.  Cat eyes and retro daisies are in, in, in.  There are also aviators for kids!

Too Cute for Kids
Be good to your eyes and the planet with Eco-Friendly Wayfarers.  This model is made from Bamboo and recycled plastic lenses.  They’re a great option for style, function, and the earth!
Eco Friendly!

Show your colors with these super fun Patriotic Stars and Stripes Aviators…

Show your Stars and Stripes

Thanks Keely and Made in the Shade!  To order your perfect sunglasses or browse for your favorite style visit Made in the Shade on Facebook here.

Thanks Made in the Shade!
Made in the Shade Blowing Rock
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