St. Patrick’s Day is a day all about green.  Sometimes it can get tacky.  Here is a fast (minutes) candle decoration that is good for St. Patrick’s Day or year round use.  This simple St. Pats Decor is elegant with minimal effort.  The cost for the candle holder is about $ 1.75 each.  Let’s get started!


You will need one glass container, one tea light, and one bag of green split peas.  I found these vases at a discount store for 97 cents.  You could buy large drinking glasses for 50 cents at a dollar store or use something you already have.  The split peas cost $ 1.50 per pound.  Each pound will make 3-4 candle holders depending on how high you fill the containers.  Tea lights cost between 10 and 20 cents each.  

How To:

This is self explanatory.  Pour the peas into the container and put a tea light candle in the middle.  Presto – you’re done!

Light the candles and you’re ready to party (or whatever).




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