Every morning between breakfast and lunch I get hungry and snack.  Every afternoon between lunch and dinner I get hungry and snack again.  Are you sensing a pattern?  I’m a snacking machine.  I love eating lots of different types of snacks from nuts to granola bars to candy.  I’m an in between meals eater – and not always do I choose well.  In fact, if junk food is in front of me it’s the hardest thing in the WORLD to say no.  I need simple healthy snacks, like right now.  During the holidays it’s even worse with all the indulgent food around every corner.  Food box delivery is all the rage right now so when I happened upon Graze Snack Boxes I was intrigued.  I’m even more intrigued that they’re offering a $1 first box offer, it’s just the shipping you pay for – so why not check it out?



Graze is a healthy snack service.  Go to the site and you may select from tons of actually healthy snacks depending on what you like and they’ll box it up and send it to you.  You just click and wait for the snacks to arrive.  I’m partially obsessed because they use sustainable materials in the snack boxes and also teach you how to reuse your leftover box for things like an herb garden – obsessed.  I love feeling good about what I’m eating and doing – and Graze Boxes fit the bill.



So check out the link for your $1 offer and go grazing.  The items are delicious and I think you’ll agree!




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