I’m EXCITED to announce this week’s giveaway courtesy of Candle Warmers Etc and City Creek Candles.  We are giving away one Aurora Candle Warming Lamp along with one (huge) candle from City Creek Candles to match the warmer!  Candle warmers are the latest rage in home decor.  Candle Warmers Etc has tons of decorative warmers to choose from so there is something for all tastes to complement your home.  I’m obsessed with the Aurora warmer.  It looks great with my entry room decor and is a fragrant way to greet guests.  The scent selection from City Creek Candles varies too, I’m a super fan!

Aurora Candle Warmer with After the Rain Candle
I have to be honest, I didn’t know what a candle warmer was until I received my package in the mail.  Let’s face it, candles are dangerous.  The open flame coupled with a careless roommate or cat (or both) can create a serious situation in a hurry.  It is a little alarming how many fires are started inadvertently with unattended or forgotten candles.  Scary stuff!  So Candle Warmers Etc came up with these crafty gadgets to circumvent the danger with an adorable lamp that gently heats the candle wax.  I was skeptical that it would even heat the wax, but it does in just a few minutes and the scent is just like a candle without the smoke.  It is genius.  Also, the wax is warm, but not scalding – another safety plus.
Assembling the Candle Warmer

I don’t like to assemble things.  Those pesky little pieces and the confusing directions are a huge turn-off.  When I opened the Aurora Box, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy things go together.  It is a minute, literally, to put the bulb and cover on and tighten everything up.  The Aurora Candle Warmer looks like an antique lamp.  I call the finish Oil Rubbed Bronze.  It matches the door and cabinet handles in my home.  You could probably use it for a small lamp without the candle, but you would miss out on the delightful smells!  

Aurora Candle Warmer with Ginger Peach Tea Candle
The Candle Warmer can be used with any City Creek Candles.  These candles are huge.  I didn’t realize how heavy they were going to be.  The candles are meant to last for a very long time.  They come with double wicks, so you may burn them, but I think the warmer will prolong the life.  It is just my opinion, but the warmer I tried melted the wax very slowly.

I tested three candle scents.  Two were in the warmer, Ginger Peach Tea and After the Rain; and one in a stand alone vase called Serene Woods.  The Ginger Peach Tea was my favorite.  It is a spice-ish candle with just the right amount of peach for spring.  My house smelled airy and light and wasn’t perfumy or overwhelming. After the Rain was a more fragrant candle.  It smells like clean laundry or long shower with scented soap.  I liked it, but Ginger Peach is my “cup of tea.”  My favorite thing about the warmer is the lamp-like quality.  It gives just the right amount of light for a warm glow in the room without being too bright.  I think the warmer is the perfect get-ready-for-bed and relax tool.

After the Rain, Serene Woods, and Ginger Peach Tea Candle
Another surprise in my goodie box was a beautiful candle called Serene Woods by City Creek Candles from the Heritage Collection, Regal Vase Line.  The candle comes in a pottery type clay vase that is an olive green patina style.  I’m obsessed, I love it.  The candle itself smells like a combination of spice, woodsy pine, and a little citrus.  It is fresh and not too heavy.  Did I say, I…..LOVE…..IT.  It fits perfectly in my living room and blends with a neutral palate.  It is so decorative that once the candle is gone, it would be a great flower pot or small container.  I tried it in several places in my home, the mantel, the bookshelf, and the kitchen and it was a beautiful accent piece in each place.

Serene Woods Candle

Overall, I’m so excited I have these products in my home.  I love the idea of the candle warmer and the candles are an added bonus.  The Scents for No Cents Giveaway winners will be chosen on Tuesday, April 8th.  Remember, you must be a registered EffortlessandExquiste.com follower (sign up with your email address on the top right of our home page) to win.  Winners will be chosen from everyone that is registered.  Tell us your favorite candle scent below to get this giveaway started! 

To learn more about Candle Warmers Etc and City Creek Candles check out their websites or find them on Facebook here and here.  You may follow on Twitter @candlewarmeretc and on Instagram @candlewarmers!  You must check out the product selection – but watch out, there are so many beautiful choices, you may find it really hard to make a decision on the scent, the warmer, the combo – you get my point.  Have fun and remember to follow this blog for a chance to win.  Good Luck!!    

Ginger Peach Tea

After the Rain

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