By this time in the holiday rush I’m spent – both physically and financially and I’m only interested in ideas that are inexpensive and easy.  Today’s idea is pretty straightforward.  I used old books to create Recycled Tree Holiday Decor (remember our fall pumpkin idea?).  The two trees are the cut and curl – one tree is made from cutting the pages and the other is made from curling them.  I had an old book so the idea is basically free.  Let’s go!


Tree #1 – The Cut


You’ll need an old book and a razor knife or a good pair of scissors.  Remove the binding from the book and cut the pages into a half Christmas tree shape.


It will look like this.


Fluff/scrunch the pages (unfortunately) on at a time to make the tree full.  By the time you’re done the tree will be full and the binding ends will touch each other – and will stand on it’s own.


The scrunching takes some time but makes a beautiful finished project (and it’s free!).


Tree #2 – The Curl


For this tree you’ll need a Styrofoam cone, an old book, sewing pins, tape, and a bit of paint (if you want color).  The paint is optional.

Tear a page from the book and curl it into a circle.


Snip the curled page in the center and affix the cut side to the styrofoam cone with sewing pins.


Repeat until you’ve filled the entire cone with curled paper.


Finish by topping the tree with a paper bow.  The directions are here.  I also painted the tips of my curled paper with paint.  This step is optional, I just wanted a little more color on the paper.


Merry Christmas!



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