prAna – Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good….Summer is the BEST time for active wear and get ready for another prAna giveaway in the form of an awesome discount code for Effortless Girls!

Eureka! You know those days you just want to wear your pajamas to work? I’ve had LOTS. But I can’t. I can’t look like the women on COPS and LIVE PD being hauled off to jail in fleecy, comfy, heavenly looking pants (maybe they know they’ll be going to jail and want to be comfortable…?).

Problem solved. It comes in the form of prAna, a sustainable, eco-friendly clothier that aims to dress women in the lightest, most comfortable clothes you will ever wear, while at the same time protecting our planet and people by implementing sustainable, recycled, fair-trade certified materials.  Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, they are environmentally responsible. And not only are they environmentally responsible, their clothes actually LOOK GREAT and come in tons of styles for different body types for both women and men. Casual chic, workout wear, and swimwear. In the pic above, I’m wearing the MANTRA pant in Coal ($75, and is more denim-looking, which was great for me!)


and the PETRA top in Lacquered Rose ($65, very popular color this year!).


Being almost 5’9, it’s often hard to find pants that are long enough for me, but these are perfect. And they flatter my out-of-shape bum. The top just…. hugs you. Both the pants and the top tie as the two most comfortable pieces of clothing I own right now (including an uber comfy fleece cat onesie…don’t judge). When I first tried on my new prAna goodies, I literally told my husband I may sleep in them.

Most TRULY eco-friendly designers come with a hefty price tag attached to their clothing. but prAna is beyond eco-friendly, offers reasonable pricing and is 100% worth it. They also have a huge sale section with amazing prices! PLUS if you place an order on before July 13, 2017, Effortless Girl readers can use discount code MSS17TE when checking out!  PS – right now they’re having a SUPER sale so hurry!

Try prAna and let us know what you think. I’m definitely a fan!

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