Swimsuit season is coming soon.  I’m not trying to be like Paul Revere and gallop across the country side warning you of impending turmoil.  Nor am I running in circles like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling.  Although you know exactly what I’m talking about, we all share the same fear…summer’s greatest past time – being near bodies of water while (gasp) wearing a bathing suit.  For most it invokes inner groans or perhaps high pitched shrieks upon the realization that the first day of spring marks a gradual warm up of the weather.  The anxiety of squeezing our winter bodies into strips of spandex and going in public is enough to cause heartburn and the need for a stiff drink.  We probably make it much worse with the days of worry, I mean, do others really pay that much attention to what we look like at the beach or pool?  Probably not, but sometimes I feel like when I’m swimming I look like the oversized image of the Jaws shadow passing through the water – and right now I hear the music, duh da, duh da, duh da.   I need a sip of Maalox after all and maybe that drink.  It may be best if I make a Martini out of the Maalox and call it a night.

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Okay, so what can we do?  Thinking you have to or can whip yourself into shape overnight will immediately set yourself up to fail – then eat – then feel miserable – then quit.  Sound familiar?  It can be a vicious cycle, believe me I know.  I created a list (that is not comprehensive, nor am I a medical professional, nor do I know your health conditions so ask a doctor or trainer before beginning any health or fitness plan, etc.) of ideas to ease us into summer fitness that will hopefully be helpful and hopefully set realistic goals.  Baby steps add up to big steps and a lifestyle change will never happen overnight.  
1.  Drink more water.  Most everyone is dehydrated on some level.  I’m reading that dehydration, even mild dehydration can contribute to all sorts of health issues and some can be serious.  So try adding a glass a day for a week.  The second week add some more, until you have reached the intake level you are comfortable with.  Try getting up in the morning and immediately drinking a glass of water.
2.  Start moving!  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  It sounds great until you get home dead tired from a long day and remember you haven’t done your daily activity allowance.  Start early in the day, take the steps for starters.  Unless it is like 35 floors, nix the elevator.  You could try 35 floors, but who wants to arrive at their destination winded and sweaty?  Stand up during some of your phone calls, take a short walk at lunch, or park further away from your building.  Try adding 5 minutes a day for one week, then 10 minutes, and so on.  It will be easier and “do-able” that way.
3.  Stop drinking soda – diet or regular.  The sugar or aspartame are both horrible for you.  The acids in soda contribute to bone loss.  Gross.  If something you drink may also be used to tenderize meat, it is not something you should regularly drink (if ever).
4.  Give up one sugary item every two days.  If you eat a brownie or cookie everyday, eat one every other day for the first week.  Then every three days the second week and so on.  You’ll be a diet beast once you’ve cut down to one treat a week.  Bienvenidos a Miami!
5.  Make a daily effort to reduce your stress.  It sounds cliche, I get it.  I am actually trying this.  Stress creates an increase in cortisol levels which is rotten for your adrenal system and really tough on weight loss.  Take a deep breath once every day and one full minute to close your eyes and try to relax.  You must do this!  Several times a day at work, mentally scan your body and make an effort to relax your muscles.  You don’t realize how much you can tense up while sitting until you make an attempt to relax.
These five steps are just my ideas to ease into a healthier style of living.  Good luck with your plan and keep me updated on your progress!



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