This morning was full of surprises!  We threw an Effortless Girl wedding shower for WCCB’s Kaitlin Cody this morning on WCCB Rising.  Kaitlin is getting married very soon and well wishes are in order.  The shower followed the typical Effortless Girl theme – low cost and easy effort, but still with a major dose of WOW!  We also want to congratulate Amelia, WCCB’s other bride-to-be.  Amelia is the executive producer of Rising and if she runs the wedding like she runs the show, her day is going to be a beautiful success!  Congratulations to Kaitlin and Amelia and many wishes for a blessed life!  Look for the how-to on the wedding shower items later today.  

Our bride Kaitlin with my partner in crime Kristine


The shower menu was simple with no baking involved.  In fact, no oven was turned on or harmed in the creation of this segment…The cake is a naked cake featured here that takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish.  You can save money of flowers and create an edible decoration that serves two purposes.  Make grape kabobs!  The rest of the items will be featured in a how-to that is coming up!  
The set


I love, love cake!


Veggie & Hummus Cups


Coco-Marshmallow-Chocolate Pops


Congrats Amelia & Kaitlin!



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