Honey.  It’s been one of my closest friends the past few weeks.  I got sick with a raging respiratory virus before Thanksgiving (I had to have a steroid shot before my Thanksgiving TV appearance and an IV afterward, yeah, that sick).  I took steroids for so many days that my immune system was compromised.  Once I finally started to feel better every sick person in the universe decided to cough on me, so now I’m sick again.  It’s been an exhausting 6 weeks.  PSA:  I don’t even care if I sound preachy – if you’re sick, stay at home.  If you’re sick, wash your hands.  If you’re sick, please, please, care enough about others (besides yourself) to not spread your germs – and stay. away. from. me…….I digress.  Moving on.

Honey isn’t just a sweetener that is delicious.  Honey has tons of medicinal properties.  However, small children shouldn’t consume it (Note: This isn’t a medical advice blog and I’m not a doctor.  If you’re coming here for medical advice, I don’t have any and that is a bad choice, duh).  The Mayo Clinic says,

Honey is easy for the body to absorb and use. It contains about 70-80 percent sugar. The rest is water, minerals, and some protein, acids, and other substances. Honey has been used for wounds, skin problems, and various diseases of the stomach and intestines.  The antibacterial effects of honey are well-known. Research has been done on the role of honey in long-term wound management, as well as the treatment of ulcers, burns, Fournier’s gangrene (a life-threatening bacterial infection), and diabetes.”


My favorite way to eat honey (other than straight from the jar) is to mix a heaping spoonful in a mug of hot tea.  It is soothing, almost like a hug from mom.  I like honey because it isn’t overly sweet, it is a gentle sweet – a reminder of sugar but only a hint, not a sugary wallop. 

Honey is also supposedly good for cough supression, acne and dandruff control, aids with sleep, and its antiviral properties help boost immunity among a long list of honey’s benefits.

What’s not to like?  Try substituting honey in your morning coffee and tea for an unexpected twist of sweet.  Honey substituted for refined sugar in recipes is also a really tasty alternative and adds some benefit instead of just white sugar problems.  

I’m a big fan, especially when I’m sick.  Honey is comforting and makes me feel better and hopefully faster.  What is your favorite way to use honey?

Oooey, Gooey, Goodness

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