I like hard boiled eggs.  Deviled eggs can be a little heavy.  Nevertheless, eggs are a great source of protein and a staple of the spring Easter season.  I thought about making a healthier version of the original deviled egg which incorporates Omega 3 rich avocado.  It’s time to make Healthy Easter Eggs with a twist!



Can of Beets

1 -2 Avocados

Garlic Pepper and Salt



First off, I deleted the photos of the process.  Sorry – it’s been that kind of week…so I will tell you what I did in numbered steps.  I’m really sorry about the photos.

1.  Boil the eggs and allow them to cool.

2.  Peel them.

3.  Soak the eggs in juice from canned beets.  You could do food coloring, but I’m going for chemical free and healthy.  Soak them for at least an hour and then check the color.  Allow them to soak overnight for a darker color.

4.  Cut the eggs in half.  Use 1 avocado for 12 eggs and 6 yolks.  Using the avocado allow you to use less yolks and that means less cholesterol.  

5.  Mash the avocado and add a bit of garlic pepper and salt.  You could also use a touch of mustard if you think you need it.  

6.  Spoon or pipe the mixture back into the eggs and serve on a tray or a plate covered in green grapes.

7.  For another twist, you could fill the egg entirely with guacamole.  This recipe is the best guacamole ever.  Dust the top with chili powder instead of paprika for a touch of heat.  

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