Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate love, the day to spend time with your special someone…Huge eye roll.  Having been single for so many years, Valentine’s Day was always a nauseating day to watch other people buy flowers and candy while everything is awash in a sea of pink and red.  Gross.  Now that I’m married it is somewhat better, but I think I still have lingering PTSD from Valentine’s Days of old.  In all honesty, I have had boyfriends on Valentine’s Day before, but I’ve pretty much always thought Valentine’s Day was a little silly.  It is fun though to have a day that it is perfectly acceptable to eat all the chocolate you want.  It is not fun to get the “Oh, what are you doing for V-Day, wait, oh I’m so sorry…” trails the voice of judgment and pity for being single.  It is almost like being in a relationship causes people to believe that being single is some sort of genetic defect.  This behavior makes me crazy.  My advice is if you are single, take a hot bath, relax, and treat yourself well.  If you are in a relationship, be nice, watch your words, and don’t judge the single person – they may be much happier than you think, maybe even happier than you.   So for everyone out there Happy (ish) Valentine’s Day.  

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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