This weekend is Father’s Day.  I think dads are pretty important people.   Just for fun I googled “the role of father’s in child development.”  I found that organizations fund years of studies on this point.  I also found it crazy to waste money on something that is basic common sense (but that’s another column).  Anyway, in the US Department of Health & Human Service’s manual The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children 2006, we learn that fathers are vital for proper child development.  Duh.  Nowhere is that more evident than in my life.  I am truly humbled to be blessed with a most amazing father.

Happy Father’s Day!

I work with my dad every day.  On a good day, I call him dad – on a bad day (like when he doesn’t see that my way is truly the best….) I call him Bobby.  I’ve worked with him since college, but I’ve closely watched him my whole life.  I’m not really a mushy daddy’s girl, whatever that is, but I am like my dad in many ways.  Growing up I watched my dad and my grandpa work hard; concrete is not for the faint of heart.  I learned that anything is possible if you want it badly enough to put in the effort to earn it.  If you earn something yourself, it just means more.   He taught me to think for myself and to keep my head down and accomplish my goals.  There were long hours spent away from home to provide for our family.  Sometimes I wonder if I decided to work with my dad in order to spend more time with him – in that case he probably thinks now we sometimes need a break from each other.

My father taught me integrity because he lives his life with integrity.  I don’t know if I will ever have the character that he does.  He taught me to do things that are right, maybe not always easiest or most popular, but do what’s right.  When I think about it, doing the right thing feels better anyway.  My dad taught me to listen.  He’s the best listener.  He doesn’t have that many words, but when he does they really count.  It’s hard for me to hold my tongue, but if I listen first and talk later, my words seem more appropriate.  I got that from my dad.
My dad taught me unconditional love.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold your loved ones accountable for their mistakes – but you can love them regardless.  He’s in my corner no matter what.  I could have the worst idea in the world but he would find something kind to say about it anyway because he loves me.  I’ve made tons of mistakes and sometimes the pill is bitter to swallow, but he is quietly there to soften the fall.  He’s cool like that.  He’s just cool in general.
So on this weekend, I say Happy Father’s Day to all of the precious dads out there.  I cannot imagine what a mess I would be without mine.  Love you D.
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My Dad

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