I love dressing up for parties.  Fancy hair and makeup paired with a great dress or the perfect piece of jewelry is fun to wear for a night on the town.  However, along with the time spent staring at my closet in a I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear trance, I sometimes find myself stumped on what to do with my hair.  Should I wear it up or down, should I add curls or leave it straight, or will my hair even do that are common questions that run across my mind.  What’s a girl to do?
I asked my friend Heather Rogers from Haircut 101 for a bit of advice.  She created a look that can be recreated at home with minimal effort but gives maximum wow factor.  We discussed hair tips and trends and came up with a look that gives a nod to the winter sugar plum fairy and is on trend for this season.  It is also versatile and gorgeous on any face shape.  Adding another element of style to the look is a sprinkling of color to the hair after the style is finished.  Color added to hair is all the rage right now  – it may or may not be for you, but we used it to complete our theme.  Thanks to model Carolyn Cody, our cross between Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate, she’s gorgeous and her perfect skin and hair made the look easy.  Thanks also to Miah Zimmerman for makeup, look for more from Miah later in the week.

The look can work for both clean or dirty hair.  Hair that has not been washed for 1-2 days is ideal.  Heather started with flat iron curls in sections throughout the head.  Spray hairspray onto hair before curling.  We used Bumble and Bumble’s Do it All Spray.   Section hair and use the flat iron to curl the hair, twisting the iron to achieve a wavy curl.
Twist the iron with the hair in it to curl the hair.  


Hair will be left in curl sections.  Curl entire head before do anything with curls.


Curl hair away from the face.

Curls will turn out better if you twist sections of hair after curling and allow them to cool.  The cooling will set the curl.  

Once entire head is curled, tease (or back comb) a section of hair at the roots on the crown of the head.

Perform a modified braid on sides of hair using only two sections instead of three.  This is called a twist or rope style braid. 


Take sections for braiding from underneath the existing braid.  This will show dimension for the twist section.

Secure the twisted section at the center of the back of the head with bobby pins.

Decorative bobby pins or clips would be easy to use for a more formal look, or you may hide the pins under the hair.

Begin braiding/twisting the other side.  If you have bangs, begin this section behind the bangs and a bit higher up on the head than the first side.  Repeat the above steps for the braid.


Secure the hair at the center of the back of the head with pins.  The finished twist will look like this.  Check for balance in the twist and the front.  You may find you need to pull some pieces tighter or loosen others.  It doesn’t have to look perfect so don’t stress out.

For those of you that opt out of color, the look is finished.  You may want to use fingers to lightly separate the curls and finish with hairspray.  Dainty and ethereal, a gorgeous look for any party – you are sure to get compliments!

To bump up the dimension, we used Bumble and Bumble’s Spray Chalk in Blush.  Spray Chalk is exactly that, spray chalk.  It washes out easily and sprays in a powder form.  You will need to protect your clothing or surfaces you don’t want to color – although it is not permanent, it could color a surface.

Spray hair in sections to achieve desired color.  You may use as much or as little as you like.  We sprayed just enough for a subtle pink highlight color that is perfect for the seasonal parties.  It also adds a punch of color to drab winter.
If you spray too much color in one area, don’t fret.  Use a brush or comb to comb the color out until the hue is where you’d like it to be.


Do not spray directly on face as you will color your face.  We used a sheet of paper to protect Carolyn’s face.

The desired look is young and beautiful.  It is very fairy meets modern girl on the scene looking, on trend and fabulous.  

The look can be completed in 20 minutes or less.  You’re sure to be the belle of the ball with this simple and fun look.  
For more information on Bumble and Bumble or Heather or Miah, check out Haircut 101 at  http://haircut101.com/.

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