Calling all winter hermits trapped indoors – Effortless and Exquisite’s Giveaway this month is a Nostalgic Electrics Retro Series Hot Chocolate Maker!  It’s the perfect way to beat the winter blahs with a steamy mug of creamy cocoa (with marshmallows).  This hot chocolate maker heats and whips beverages into steamy drinks in no time.  If “your cup of tea” is a Latte, Hot Tea, or a Mocha instead of hot chocolate, the machine makes those too!

Retro Hot Chocolate Maker
To be entered into the drawing, you must be a registered follower of Effortless and Exquisite.  List your email address in the box in the top left side of the blog called “Follow by Email.”  It’s completely free to enter.  The drawing will be held on Friday, February 21st so hurry and be an E&E follower!

Hot Cocoa, Lattes, and Mochas, yum!

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