With Memorial Day coming up and a season of amazing weather, we all have months of summer parties and impromptu get-togethers ahead.  I love planning a summer party. Hanging outdoor lights on a string, buckets of ice filled with bottled soda, and the smoke of a charcoal grill are instant images in my mind of summer fun.  There are many themes to choose from when planning a warm weather party.  You must use color!  It is easy because color is everywhere in summer.  Wild flowers from the yard in a simple jar or old pot make a great centerpiece.  Colored or mismatched tableware and napkins are an easy way to liven up your decor.  For mothers day, I made a centerpiece out of old styrofoam, bamboo skewers, and colored paper that will easily translate to other occasions.  Use flags or different color combinations to tailor the centerpiece to your occasion.  It’s easy!  Write a message that conveys your party’s purpose:  Happy Birthday, Happy Fourth of July, or Happy Summer!  The cost was negligible.  I had the bamboo skewers, paper, and old tissue at home.  If you have to buy the materials, you’ll spend less than $2.  

Happy Birthday Mom!

For this centerpiece, you’ll need a piece of styrofoam.  I used a piece of styrofoam that came as packing in a box I received in the mail.  You may use an old cooler or whatever you have at home.  It can also be most any shape you’d like.  No rules here!  You’ll also need colored paper, letter stencils, clear tape, tissue paper, and bamboo skewers.  Start by tracing the letters for your slogan on the colored paper.  Cut the letters out.

Trace your letters and cut them out

Cut the tissue paper to fit the styrofoam.  

Cut tissue to fit styrofoam
Cover the styrofoam in the tissue paper.  Tape it on the bottom side that will sit on the table so it doesn’t show.
Tape tissue paper to styrofoam

Lay out your letters along the styrofoam so you will know where to place them.  Do this for proper spacing so they will look the way you want them to.  Do this before you start!  Trust me. 

Lay out letters for spacing

Break the skewer sticks in half or thirds depending on how tall you would like your letters to be. I broke mine in half.  Tape the letters on the back side to the sticks.

Tape letters to sticks

Once your spacing is arranged, begin placing letters into styrofoam.  I like to stagger the letters at different heights.  You can do this or not, it’s up to you.

Place letters into styrofoam

Keep going, you will see how important the spacing and earlier layout will be at this phase.

Continue placing skewers into styrofoam

Finally, with the letters affixed, the centerpiece is ready for the party!

Happy Summer!

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