Tis the season for house guests.  Many of us will have a house full of friends and relatives for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or any of the days in between.  The minute I realize guests are on the way, my stomach does a little churn.  I get a sense of slight panic as my eyes dart around the house looking for dusty spots and blankets that need folding.  Where to start for quick preparation for your company?  Don’t panic, just concentrate… Start a few days before on your preparation and the visit will be golden.   I love having guests over, but some guests are easier to host than others.  I decided to compile a list of effortless tips to help with the mishaps that can be inevitable when company comes calling.

Hosting How-Tos

For Melted Candle Wax on Tablecloths or Surfaces: For a tablecloth, place on ironing board with a paper towel over the wax stain.  Rub the iron a few times over the stain to melt the wax.  The paper towel should absorb the melted wax.  Change the paper towels as necessary until the wax is fully absorbed. 

For Red Juice or Wine Spilled on Carpet: Blot the stain.  Do not rub.  Dab a bit of club soda on the stain until it fades.  If the stain continues, put baking soda on it and allow to sit and then re-dab with club soda.  If the fabric is safe for hot water, run the water through the stain until it comes out.  If you are using hot water, you may also use a dab of gentle soap to speed the process.

For Lipstick on Cloth Napkins:  There are several ways to remove lipstick.  First try dabbing (not rubbing) OTC rubbing alcohol on the stain until it comes off.  Second, spray hairspray on the stain.  Allow it to dry and sit for about 10 minutes.  Clean with a hot, wet cloth until the stain comes out.  Last, a dish detergent such as Dawn is good to use.  Dish detergents contain degreasers and lipstick is often made of oils.  Dab a moist cloth with a bit of detergent on the stain for easy removal.  

Wood Rings on Furniture:  There are several ways to “get rid” of the rings.  Depending on your type of furniture, it may work and it may make the furniture much worse.  You sometimes never know.  Sorry.  Place coasters everywhere and hope for the best.  Googling your specific wood and stain type is the best way to go to try and fix the stain.  This has gone both ways for me so my best suggestion is using the coasters.  

The best tip for hosting house guests is to relax, let the mishaps roll off your back, and enjoy your time with relatives.  The holidays pass quickly and the last thing you want to do is spend your time stressing out over stains or messes!

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