Last Thursday The Effortless Girl was honored with an invitation to appear on WJHL’s News at 7 with Kylie McGivern.  Kylie and the WJHL crew are so much fun and professional people!  Our Effortless Girl segment featured Super Bowl party ideas for less by using and repurposing things you already have and simple recipes to whip up before the big game.  Game day is for fun and not slaving away in the kitchen or spending too much money!  It was great to appear on WJHL and a special thank you to super producer Karissa for making the day a breeze!

Game Day for Less on WJHL

Julie and news anchor Kylie McGivern

WJHL Studios

Oh and the blog, the segments…none of it would be possible without Team Effortless Girl.  My mom and dad along with my nephew Bryce helped me set up for the segment and dad took the photos.  Thanks to the team…you’re amazing.

Team Effortless Girl

Waiting for the Segment to Begin

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