Shopping on the web these days can be really overwhelming.  Type in a keyword for soap for example and you get millions of hits for different brands, sizes, and prices.  Even if you know your brand….are you ordering one bottle (what size) or in bulk, or which site to choose with the best prices.  The choices are many and some of the sites are less than reputable (I once ordered a pair of shoes from a major site and they’d been worn), sigh.  Why can’t there be a one stop shop for the products I use that also has reasonable prices and sometimes gives you something for free, just because?  There is!  Enter Grove Collaborative.  I’ve tried several other one stop shop sites and they simply don’t compare.  Believe me.

Free Mrs. Meyers + $10 order credit!

I happened across this website looking for good-for-you products.  I try to eliminate chemicals as much as possible so I mostly use the expensive, all natural products now that I have MS – but I hate paying the extra costs.  I’m still a couponer at heart so I’m constantly on the hunt for a deal.  The folks at Grove Collaborative reached out with a stellar deal for me and for all Effortless Girl readers too.  The site is amazing and the prices are excellent; and remember this is coming from a coupon freak.  Using the deal, I purchased items from the site for very little cost and love, love them.  In all honesty I’d used two of them before and that’s why I chose them.  The order also came with 2 free items which I also love so I’m 100% sold on this site.  Plus there is no fee to join this site (unlike some other sites, ahem).

The deal is this – all Effortless Girl readers get a $10 order credit and one free Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap with your purchase!  Ten bucks goes a long way on this site.  I love it most because it’s a good company.  They’re committed to health and environmental excellence and most of all the people that help you are nice.  There’s a 100% happiness guarantee so if you don’t like a product – return if for a full refund and they pay the shipping. Why aren’t you checking out this site right now?  I almost forgot to mention that the liquids and lotions come sealed with the tops taped so they don’t leak.  This is a big point for me because a very reputable site that I once ordered liquid laundry detergent from sent me a big, dripping box to my office once.  Laundry detergent makes suds for days – shipping is hugely important.

Now onto my product selections.   The photo below is what came in the package.  All of these items were $25.87.  If you use the Effortless Girl offer, you could get the entire group below for $15.87 (whoa!).

Awesome Products!

Grove threw this free organic mint and chia lip balm into my order box.  Seriously it is one of the best balms I’ve ever tried.  The balm is minty and thick on the lips and lasts very well.  It comes in a heavy duty tube that is thicker than the average chap stick.  I love that.  It feels great on and is really quality made.

Mint Chia Lip Balm

The next product was a blood orange soy candle.  I like it because the packaging is adorable and the scent is fresh but not overbearing.  Sometimes orange can smell fake, but this scent is citrusy without being too strong.

Blood Orange Soy Candle

I love Mrs. Meyers brand everything.  I love that the quality of the products is superb and the chemical burden is low.  Mrs. Meyers is effective without being chemical laden.  They get an A plus in my book – you get one bottle of hand soap  for free with the offer!!!

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap

I love me some Yes To Carrots.  I use this lotion daily.  It is really moisturizing without parabens or petroleum.  Yes to Carrots has a full line of skin care products that if you haven’t tried them yet, check them out!

Yes to Carrots

And finally….Dr. Bronners.  I love Dr. Bronners soap.  The bottles take like an hour to read but the product inside is good.  I needed some coconut oil and chose this bottle.  It’s unrefined and expeller-pressed and coconut oil has a million uses.  

Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil

Okay to recap, click this link and check out Grove Collaborative.  You’ll get a $10 order credit and one bottle of free Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap.  So off you go — get shopping!

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