It’s summer, it’s hot, and you don’t want fussy on your feet….Soooo, we’ve got super easy DIY Summer Shoes for less than $12!  Craft simple and adorable shoes with discount store materials that are light and cool for the season and very on trend.  Pom pom balls and garnish are the rage of summer and these shoes won’t disappoint.  Check out the how-to below!



Flats with a fabric outer (pictured: Wal Mart $5.87)

Spool of poms (pictured: Wal Mart $2.47)

Fabric glue



Trim end of pom garland so there are no frayed edges.


Apply a thin, straight line of glue, starting where shoe hoe upper meets sole on one side, across toe to sole on the other side (striped fabric comes in handy here!).

Line up end of pom garland just above sole and gently lay / press it onto the line of glue, ending just above the sole.

Carefully cut garland where glue ends.  Let dry 24 hours before wearing.  Show us your completed project by using #effortlessgirl on social media!


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