This post is going to be short because this is an easy project.  I can never have enough storage.  I like having the ability to put things away in a tidy place that makes sense.  When I was a student (back in the day), I never had enough storage.  My stuff seemed to multiply as the semesters progressed.  The idea today is to create double duty storage that can be used in a Dorm Room or a study area using storage crates.  Now that most everyone is Back to School, you’ll learn quickly what you forgot at home or what you still need to make the most of your space for studying.  

The crates are great because you can put everything from clothes and shoes to books – and they’re sturdy and provide an excellent place to store your stuff.  These seats are a great place to sit and put on shoes (that may be stored in the crate) or for friends to chill on when they come over to study.  Plus, they cost between $5-6 dollars (or less) each and you may customize them to match your decor.  It takes about 5 minutes to assemble, yep 5 minutes – so why wouldn’t you make one?

Storage Seating

I forgot to take a photo of the materials but you’ll need one $3 storage crate, one piece of $1 plywood to fit on the inside rim, about 1/2 yard of $1-2 fabric, cushioning material, and a staple gun.  I made two crates using different cushioning.  First I folded over an old pair of fleece pillow cases.  They were really comfy and provided excellent cushioning.  For the other crate I used an old piece of foam that I trimmed to fit the board.  Use what you have, it isn’t a rule that you have to use a cushion either.

Lay the fabric upside down on a flat surface.  Place the cushioning in the middle of the fabric and the wood on top of the cushioning.  Fold the edges of the fabric over the back of the board, this will be the bottom side of the crate top you are creating.  Pull the fabric taut but not so tight that it won’t give a little and then staple the edges to the board.

Staple the fabric

You will need to manipulate the edges of the fabric a little to make the ends smooth.  I started by stapling the long sides first and finished on the ends.  I also had some fabric left over and trimmed the edges so they’d be even.

The finished bottom

Flip the board over and place inside the crate – it’s that easy.  Now you’ve made seating/storage for your room.  Have a great year!

Easy Storage Seating

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