Daytime Tri-Cities DIY

WJHL Daytime Tri-Cities featured Effortless Girl tips on the show yesterday!  New Year Room Redo was the Daytime Tri-Cities DIY theme.  The how-to’s are coming this week so get ready!  Below are the links to the videos to watch the projects in action!        

Paint Pouring

My friend Sheryl created today’s project.  She’s super crafty and hopefully she’ll share again!  Paint Pouring is a painting technique of pouring multiple acrylic paints onto canvas, pottery, glass, or other desired surface, leaving a fascinating marbleized effect. My first project was on canvas, which turned out beautifully, and I was hooked!  Next, I poured … Continue Reading

Two Dollar Wall Art

This project was a near miss that skated dangerously close to a major fail.  For the last few months, I’ve been looking for pieces to decorate a corner in my bedroom.  Recently, I browsed through a very high end decor store.  I saw the most unique wall art that was rustic and interesting.  Then I … Continue Reading

Mulling Spices!

The Christmas season smells yummy.  There is a comfort and coziness in the cinnamon and spice of the holiday season.  Everywhere from the local coffee shop to the corner store smells really good.  It is simple to make your home smell like Christmas with very little effort and without harmful chemical fragrances with DIY Mulling Spices. … Continue Reading