Mint Chocolate Dot Cookies

I’ve eaten more sugar in the last 10 days than I should probably eat in an entire year.  It seems like each day of the holiday season a tempting and delicious goodie is placed in front of me and I have to eat it.  I feel gross and have absolutely zero will power.  But that’s … Continue Reading

Simple Healthy Snacks

Every morning between breakfast and lunch I get hungry and snack.  Every afternoon between lunch and dinner I get hungry and snack again.  Are you sensing a pattern?  I’m a snacking machine.  I love eating lots of different types of snacks from nuts to granola bars to candy.  I’m an in between meals eater – … Continue Reading

Easy Thanksgiving Snack – Pilgrim Pops!

Now it’s November – let the holidays begin!  Welcome to the Thanksgiving season!  Pilgrim Pops make a great Thanksgiving snack for kids and adults.  The cost investment is between $7-8 for 24 pops.  The time investment is about 30 minutes from start to a clean kitchen – a minimal investment for both time and money.  Easy … Continue Reading

Halloween Candy Jack-o-Lanterns!

I mostly like Halloween for the candy.  When I was little my Aunt Carolyn handed out giant candy bars and Tootsie Roll Lollipops to her trick-or-treaters.  She was everyone’s favorite house in my community.  I thought it would be fun to create a twist on the typical trick-or-treat candy bowl.  What about combining Jack-o’-Lanterns and … Continue Reading