I’m on a journey to getting in better shape, because right now I’m not so much.  I’m at the point where for my health it has to happen.  I taught aerobics in college, lifted weights, and obsessively practiced yoga so I’ve been there before – but life happens and work happens and other things slowly took precedence over fitness.  Sigh.  For the sake of my wellness and overcoming my disease, I’m doing this.  

Day one was at Charlotte’s Bar Method Studio.  Autumn, the owner, is a really sweet lady that opened the South Park location.   I decided I needed a group fitness setting because I don’t know about my solo motivation at this point.  I was scared and sweaty before the class since I really wasn’t sure if I could even do it.  My friend Angie went with me for moral support (she’s in awesome shape).  I’ll just say this – Bar Method is completely amazing. (no joke)

Bar Method

I took ballet lessons as a kid so I had the slightest idea of what a class would be like (without the skin tight leotard of course).  The studio was great from the entrance.  Everyone was warm and welcoming and the facility is beautiful.  There are two rooms for classes, we were in the larger of the two and really plush carpet.  It can’t be that hard with carpet, right?

The Bar

The setting immediately puts you at ease.  It has lots of natural light and floor to ceiling windows and all neutral colors.   There is no pulsing music or people in inappropriately tight clothing.  My class had all different fitness levels among the participants so I wasn’t freaking out about my first class.

The studio

The Bar Method exercise targets the muscles that play the greatest role in body change, then keeps these muscles working intensely and safely long enough for them to change.  It then intensely stretches each muscle worked to make it look and feel more longer and more graceful.  You use a series of weights and mats during the class.

The equipment

As the class began, our instructor gave everyone gentle correction but also loads of praise.  I was grateful for the adjustments so I didn’t hurt myself and my form improved during the class.  We began with warm ups and then light weights.  I started to really feel my muscles twitch and I wasn’t convinced I would make it through the class.  (I had very bad anxiety as a fitness newbie).

The Bar Method workout is a fast-paced form of interval training that maximizes caloric burn during every class.  This format gives students slimmer, leaner bodies after a few months of regular attendance.  It really is for all sizes and fitness ranges.

The Mats

The class moved quickly so we weren’t stuck doing one exercise or move for a long time.  There are modifications for each set of movements – if you’re stronger in one area you can up the intensity or cool it with another move.  We moved from the floor to the bar.  I learned quickly that form was more important than trying to over-do a move.  I got really sweaty.  I could do some and couldn’t completely do others.  The last half of the class was on the floor on mats.  The ab work is amazing.  It’s like crunches that hurt, but they’re so gentle on the body you don’t know it…..It’s hard to explain

I felt great after the class and I’m going back for more.  I think Bar Method tricks you into fitness because the moves aren’t so hard that you feel like dying but you are SORE the next day in a good way.

After the class

Okay, so you’ve got to try this method.  I would definitely recommend it for those especially like me that are returning to the fitness game.  The studio is amazing, the instructors and staff are super encouraging, and to be honest I was so happy when I left.  I left the studio feeling really proud of myself for doing it and it was a major confidence booster for me.  This was an excellent choice for my first class back and you will see me at The Bar Method studio again. 

Thanks to Autumn and staff at South Park for being awesome.  Visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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