Happy Monday Ya’ll!  Let’s start this week off on a high note – a GIVEAWAY!  This week delicious goodness comes to us from Barney Butter!  I happened upon Barney Butter a couple of months ago while looking for a non-greasy almond butter to eat with bananas.  I like to dip them; I digress.  Almond butter is great since so many people are allergic to peanuts and I don’t like to keep them in my house.  I think it has a rich flavor and almonds are super healthy so what’s not to like?  Barney Butter intrigued me, first because I love the name, and second the packaging is very cool.  I decided to dig a little deeper and discovered that Barney Butter is a company that I can really get behind.  So this week, Effortless and Exquisite is giving away a free jar of Barney Butter!

Photo courtesy of Barney Butter

Barney Butter is the creation of a California mom that was on the hunt for an alternative to peanut butter and those bland almond butters on the market.  The company was born in a home kitchen by an enterprising woman – girl power!  She started selling the popular butter in 2006 and the rest is AB & J history (almond butter and jelly, by the way).

Photo Courtesy of Barney Butter

Today Barney Butter is sold nationwide in supermarkets and online.  The success is because it is yummy.  There are several creative flavors to choose from. Barney Butter is Non-GMO Certified, Kosher, and Gluten Free with no hydrogenated oils in their jars.  It was fun to sample the products because I wouldn’t think of certain flavor combinations – but they work and they’re great!

Snack pack samples

Barney Butter sent me three flavors to try.  The Regular, Cocoa + Coconut, and Vanilla Bean + Espresso.  Snack packs are also available for purchase and they’re great because they only have between 90-100 calories so an easy snack that is waistline friendly.

Vanilla Bean + Espresso

First I sampled the Vanilla Bean + Espresso.  There are whole chunks of espresso bean and vanilla bean in this butter.  The bitter of the espresso is balanced by the flavor of the vanilla.  It is interesting and I thought it tasted like a super rich almond butter.

Cocoa + Coconut

The Cocoa + Coconut is delicious.  It is like a better version of Nutella.  The consistency is very smooth.  The coconut flavor is very, very good and this one is my new favorite.  I could eat it by the spoonful.

Smooth Almond Butter

Finally I tried the regular Smooth Almond Butter.  I love almond butter and this just tastes better than most commercial varieties.  It isn’t overly greasy like some butters with oil that is gross and sloshes in the jar.  It is very good with sliced bananas.  I’m a big fan.

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Barney Butter  – Yum!

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