The winner of the ‘We All Scream for Julie’s Ice Cream Giveaway’ is Effortless and Exquisite reader Kelly.L.Erdman!  Congratulations to the winner of a yummy gift basket of goodies, including free ice cream and fun kitchen stuff!  Julie’s Organic Ice Cream is my brand new favorite go to for sorbet and ice cream.  The ingredients are organic and natural without any chemicals that I can’t pronounce.  Delicious is the only word I can use to describe it and I think if you check out the brand you will agree.  There is no better blackberry sorbet on the market, hands down, no questions, and don’t even think about disagreeing!  Check out Julie’s Organic, your stomach will say thank you!

Blackberry Deliciousness!


Thanks to Melissa and Julie at Julie’s Organics.  Please visit Julie’s on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

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