Some people study to learn a craft while a chosen few are born with boundless creativity and phenomenal skill.  It’s really not fair.  Janna Avery is one of those naturally talented people that if she wasn’t so nice, we’d gossip about her.  Callista Designs is the floral design company owned by Janna.  Janna mixes quirky with traditional arrangements and adds a few take-your-breath pieces to make each event amazing.  She is currently the resident floral designer for the Eseeola Lodge, an exclusive summer resort in Linville, North Carolina.  Janna’s designs grace swanky events across the southeast from intimate weddings to galas thrown by Fortune 500 companies.  Callista Designs books months ahead for events, so if you can book Janna, your event is already a success.  We caught up with her for a few questions and here is what we learned.


 1.  What about flowers inspired you to work with them?

Flowers simply make me happy! I believe flowers are Gods little reminders that he loves and creates beauty everyday.      


2.  What sparks your creativity?  From where to you draw inspiration for designs?

I draw my inspiration from the flowers themselves. When creating an arrangement, I follow the flowers. Most of the time as I begin, I don’t really have a plan. The first stems are placed and I build from there. Nature is also an inspiration for me. Seeing naturally occurring elements in beautiful landscapes, forests, meadow, etc; is inspiring in so many ways.

3.  In a pinch, what is an effortless flower arrangement for a table design?

In a pinch, my go to elements are greenery, hydrangea, and garden flowers; arranged in a simple vase or pitcher found in the kitchen cupboard. I always start with the base of the arrangement. Placing the larger bloom and strong stem flowers along the top of the vessel creating a strong base for the remaining flowers.

 4.  What is your favorite flower and why is it exquisite?

Each season brings a new fabulous favorite, but I have to say my top flower is the Peony. Peony blooms are exquisitely created, with each petal being intricately different. Peonies also, make a statement. When used in a bouquet or arrangement, the peony bloom can easily stand alone. 

5.  What is your most memorable event you have designed?

The most memorable event was a wedding that I did in 2009. This was the first year that I was working solo without the lady who trained me. A couple who are members of the club I work for, had a big wedding planned and wanted me to do the flowers! The wedding was an event with around 400 guests definitely the largest event I had ever been a part of. We had the ceremony flowers, 32 dining tables and 3 large food stations with grand floral designs on them. Everything went of beautifully and they still talk about how wonderful their flowers were. This was my first big success and will always be in my memory.

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