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Muffin Goodness!
Recently, I sampled Raefoods muffins that I purchased at my local Earthfare.  The muffins are nutritious and great because they are specifically designed with food allergies in mind. I am a curious eater, especially with new brands so I did a little digging.  Raefoods will undoubtedly become a household name very soon so you will hear the name again.
I reached out to the company without a huge expectation they would even return my email. I was pleasantly surprised.  Raefoods began in 2013 (yes last year, believe it or not) by Raeleen Yoon, or Rae.  Rae agreed to take a minute to meet with me and talk about her company.  I was excited to talk with her about her foods; little did I know I would walk away motivated, determined, and impressed.  Rae started her company after struggling with food allergies for years and having a child with similar issues.  In her home kitchen, she created several recipes that were so popular she started selling them. The rest is culinary history.  I was moved by her desire to help others overcome the allergy issues she had and her willingness to share her experiences.  She is one smart cookie, that makes muffins!  Actually, she is a genius entrepreneur that is going places and other women should take notes.  Growing up in a family construction business makes me jaded and not so easily swayed.  Five minutes with Raeleen Yoon and I’m suddenly sitting up straighter and feeling not so accomplished.  Behind her gracious exterior lies a solid businesswoman with an excellent brand – that is on the way up.
My photo with Rae

Look for additions to the product line coming this fall.  Right now the muffins can be found in the frozen section of Earthfare, Whole Foods, and Wegman’s stores and local markets all around the country.  Products coming soon with be on the shelf aisles also.  If your supermarket doesn’t carry Raefoods, ask the manager to special order a skid.  

There are five flavors of muffins currently.  My favorite is the Gorillanana.  It is banana, chocolate chips, kale, and flax seeds.  You only taste the banana and chocolate chips.  Delicious.  Do not eat these if you are depressed, you will eat the whole box.  I also tried the Greenosaurus.  This muffin is kale, cauliflower, and flax.  It is not as good as the banana, but I’m biased.  There is also chocolate zucchini, coconut cauliflower, and carrot applesauce.  

My purchases
This is a photo of the Gorillanana.  My favorite.  You could win this.

You may decide you are a Greenosaurus fan.  This muffin is more savory.  It reminded me of a southern cornbread flavor.  It would be great with soups or as a dinner muffin.  You could also win this.

Cauliflower, Kale, and Flax Muffin

So to recap, first, Raefoods makes delicious food that allergy sufferers can eat and enjoy.  They are not the pasty, weird textured food that those of us with sniffles and hives are used to.  Second, Raeleen Yoon is going to be in the press more and more and will be creating more products that are yummy! Oh, and by the way, I was not compensated for my review or opinions – this is simply what I think.  And finally, you can win some of these products by registering your email and following this blog.  It is simple and completely free so sign up!  The contest winners will be drawn Tuesday, July 1st.  Good luck and happy allergy free eating!

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