Super Bowl Trophy DIY

Winning the Lombardi Trophy is the whole point of the biggest game day of the year. Today’s project is a version of the trophy to use at your Super Bowl party as a centerpiece, photo prop, or to celebrate at the end of the game. This Super Bowl Trophy DIY uses items you either have … Continue Reading

DIY Pom Poms

The Super Bowl season is here! Pom poms make the perfect accessory for watching football. This fun project is a Super Bowl must have – plus the pom poms are simple and very inexpensive. Let’s make DIY Pom Poms for $1 each pom. Materials: Plastic Rectangular Table Covering (Buy multiples to use more than one … Continue Reading

Lipstick Heart Valentines

This Valentine project couldn’t be more simple, I’m being serious.  So I’ll be short and sweet with the explanation – Lipstick Heart Valentines.  We’re making the coolest (at least in my opinion) version of a Valentine Heart with dollar store lipstick and construction paper.  It’s affordable and kid friendly and makes a uniquely special Valentine … Continue Reading

Make a Wooden Heart

This post is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s rustic but sweet, thoughtful but not sappy. In other words, it celebrates Valentine’s Day without going overboard. You can Make a Wooden Heart for wall art or a miniature version on a card. The heart may also double for year round decor. The cost is under $20. … Continue Reading