Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Yikes!  Only 5 days until Christmas!  So, Last Minute Christmas Ideas help save the day during this hectic time of year.  On Monday morning’s WCCB Rising, all things Christmas-y for those last minute preparations were on the menu.  We discussed everything from DIY gifts to table decor and gift wrapping for free!  Whoa!  Check out … Continue Reading

DIY Christmas Table Decor

Christmas is like 20 minutes away and the sprint to the finish is underway.  Hopefully your gifts are purchased and maybe even wrapped under the tree and the Christmas meal preparations are underway.  Create DIY Christmas Table Decor that doesn’t break the bank and can be made in minutes with wire from the hardware store. … Continue Reading

Mint Chocolate Dot Cookies

I’ve eaten more sugar in the last 10 days than I should probably eat in an entire year.  It seems like each day of the holiday season a tempting and delicious goodie is placed in front of me and I have to eat it.  I feel gross and have absolutely zero will power.  But that’s … Continue Reading

Recycled Tree Holiday Decor

By this time in the holiday rush I’m spent – both physically and financially and I’m only interested in ideas that are inexpensive and easy.  Today’s idea is pretty straightforward.  I used old books to create Recycled Tree Holiday Decor (remember our fall pumpkin idea?).  The two trees are the cut and curl – one … Continue Reading