Smells Like Christmas!

The Christmas season smells yummy.  There is a comfort and coziness in the cinnamon and spice of the holiday season.  Everywhere from the local coffee shop to the corner store smells really good.  It is simple to make your home smell like Christmas with very little effort and without harmful chemical fragrances.  Let’s get started.   … Continue Reading

Simple Healthy Snacks

Every morning between breakfast and lunch I get hungry and snack.  Every afternoon between lunch and dinner I get hungry and snack again.  Are you sensing a pattern?  I’m a snacking machine.  I love eating lots of different types of snacks from nuts to granola bars to candy.  I’m an in between meals eater – … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving is almost here!  The race is on to finalize the menu, shop, and set the table.  Simplify the day just a bit by making your Thanksgiving table decor now – in fact your children can create most of today’s items for you.  Part of celebrating the holidays is sitting around a beautiful table with … Continue Reading

Effortless Thanksgiving Tips

It was an Effortless Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday morning’s WCCB Rising!  We talked about all sorts of Thanksgiving party tips to get you ready for the big day.  It’s coming up quickly so the preparation is underway – but you don’t have to shell out lots of money or even do that much extra work.  Repurpose … Continue Reading