Halloween Candy Jack-o-Lanterns!

I mostly like Halloween for the candy.  When I was little my Aunt Carolyn handed out giant candy bars and Tootsie Roll Lollipops to her trick-or-treaters.  She was everyone’s favorite house in my community.  I thought it would be fun to create a twist on the typical trick-or-treat candy bowl.  What about combining Jack-o’-Lanterns and … Continue Reading

DIY Elegant Fall Napkin Rings

I love elegant table settings.  A beautifully decorated table makes dining become more of an experience than a necessity.  Plus, doesn’t food taste better from an exquisitely set table?  During the holidays, I think this is all the more important.  It’s your time to put on a show and wow your loved ones and friends.  … Continue Reading

3 Easy Autumn Pumpkins

Happy Fall Y’all!  Now that autumn is underway and the leaves are starting to turn, it’s time to get serious about fall decorations.  I don’t have the patience to precisely carve pumpkins mostly because I spend just as much time cleaning up the mess as carving the pumpkin.  But there is a way to decorate … Continue Reading

Fall Y’all – Simple Fall Decor for Less

Happy Fall Y’all!  It was an Effortless Girl fall celebration on Wednesday morning on WCCB Rising!  Now that fall is in full swing, you’ve gotta use some of the season’s gorgeous harvest to decorate your home.  We decked out pumpkins with lots of bling and sparkle, made simple napkin rings with items from your house, … Continue Reading