Bar Method – Day 1 of My Fitness Quest!

I’m on a journey to getting in better shape, because right now I’m not so much.  I’m at the point where for my health it has to happen.  I taught aerobics in college, lifted weights, and obsessively practiced yoga so I’ve been there before – but life happens and work happens and other things slowly … Continue Reading

Fight Hunger. Spark Change. #FightHunger

I grew up in an area that wasn’t a stranger to poverty.  There are people living in the Appalachian Mountains that the struggle to feed themselves and their families is very real – like daily.  They’re hard working, precious people that have to worry where and when the next time they will be able to … Continue Reading

Effortless Deal of the Week (Free Stuff Included)!

Shopping on the web these days can be really overwhelming.  Type in a keyword for soap for example and you get millions of hits for different brands, sizes, and prices.  Even if you know your brand….are you ordering one bottle (what size) or in bulk, or which site to choose with the best prices.  The … Continue Reading