Happy Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate love, the day to spend time with your special someone…Huge eye roll.  Having been single for so many years, Valentine’s Day was always a nauseating day to watch other people buy flowers and candy while everything is awash in a sea of pink and red.  Gross.  Now that I’m … Continue Reading

Effortless Valentine’s Day Tips!

Monday on WCCB Rising we had a Valentine’s Day party – for less!!! You don’t have to spend tons of time or money to show some love for Valentine’s!  Check out the photos and video below for some easy and time saving ideas and effortless Valentine’s Day Tips! Happy Valentine’s Day     Chocolate Strawberry … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Gifts for $1

I love getting a Valentine.  As a kid, I LOVED the little Valentine’s cards we exchanged at school – especially the ones with the lollipop attached.  It’s always nice getting a small present on Valentine’s Day.  You can make easy Valentine’s for a teacher or special friend and spend $1 or less.  It takes very … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day on WCCB Rising Tomorrow!

Did someone say Valentine’s Day?  Already?  Wow, this year is passing FAST!  Tomorrow on WCCB Rising we’re gonna have an Effortless Girl Valentine’s Day – from snacks to decor to simple but heartfelt gifts….you’ll love what’s in store!  (Nothing super sappy but just really sweet ideas to charm the ones you love for less).  Tune … Continue Reading