Super Bowl Party Decor for Less

The Super Bowl is next weekend.  Super Bowl parties can be pricey, but not necessarily.  You can throw a Super fun Super Bowl party for less with just a  little creativity and a few minutes!  Because I’m from the Carolinas, the Carolina Panthers are the team I want to win so my party is Panther … Continue Reading

Super Easy Pasta Giveaway!

It’s almost Game Day!  In honor of the big day we have a “super” easy recipe and also a giveaway for you from Naturally Fresh®!  Naturally Fresh® is a line of high-quality, homemade-tasting salad dressings and dips with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  I love easy and better-for-you recipes so teaming with Naturally Fresh … Continue Reading

Cold as Ice Globes – Effortless Winter Candleholders!

In honor of the snow storm that is coming our way I decided to capitalize on the cold temperatures to make a really cool winter project.  Winter is perfect for candlelight.  I think candlelight is soothing and gives everything a beautiful, warm glow.  Our current weather is perfect for making ice globes.  I love using … Continue Reading


Honey.  It’s been one of my closest friends the past few weeks.  I got sick with a raging respiratory virus before Thanksgiving (I had to have a steroid shot before my Thanksgiving TV appearance and an IV afterward, yeah, that sick).  I took steroids for so many days that my immune system was compromised.  Once … Continue Reading