Healthy Halloween Treats – Effortless Girl on Charlotte Parent.Com

Ah Halloween, the night for kids and adults to dress up in costumes and run around the neighborhood getting buckets of free candy.  Halloween is the dream holiday for every sweet tooth and a nightmare for some parents.  Negotiating with children (or rationalizing with yourself) about how much candy to eat in one sitting can … Continue Reading

Halloween for Less on Rising!

We had an Effortless Girl Halloween Party this morning on WCCB Rising.  Everything from costumes to food to decor was on the table (literally) and everything was less than $20!  Julie and Derek wore costumes for kids or adults that are easy and in the $2 range…so check out the video below for all the … Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes & Decor on WCCB Rising Tomorrow!

Calling all Effortless Girls!  TOMORROW (Monday) on Charlotte’s WCCB Rising Effortless Girl will feature all things Halloween for less!  We’re talking about costumes for under $2 and decor using items from around the house – we’ll also throw in a couple of healthy snacks to balance out the sugar rush too.  ANDDD there may or … Continue Reading

Inexpensive Halloween Decor – Minute Mummy Candle Holders

A friend of mine posted an article to Facebook today that said Halloween is a $ 7 Billion industry – Billion with a B.  Yikes….now that is scary.  We’re spending that much money on Halloween?  Halloween?  (Sigh) Anyway for those of us that don’t line our costumes with solid gold and diamonds, Halloween can still … Continue Reading