Effortless Girl on Long Island Pulse!

Effortless Girl is in expansion mode.  We’re featured today on Long Island Pulse!  Beth Ann Clyde is a digital editor and loved Effortless Girl’s  simple pumpkins that are decorative (and never, ever rot)!  They’re great for fall and Thanksgiving decor and easy on the wallet.  Check out Long Island Pulse for fun entertainment and lifestyle ideas and all things … Continue Reading

Awesome Autumn Pumpkins!

Happy Fall Y’all!  Today on Charlotte Parent‘s new website, we made Awesome Autumn Pumpkins!  My favorite season is fall. The color, sights, and smells make the season extra special. Fall is fun for kids because Halloween is coming and a whole bunch of holidays are just around the corner. Children love a good project (and moms love the help). … Continue Reading

Weekend Roundup + A New Book!

It’s an all things southern weekend roundup!  This morning we woke up to 30 degree temperatures so fall has official arrived in the mountains!  Whew, I love fall, but that first chilly morning feels shockingly cold.  This past weekend was packed with birthdays,  nephews and food.  Overall it was A+.  We spent Saturday at the Asheville farmer’s … Continue Reading

Football Season – This One’s for the Boys!

I love fall (duh).  It is my most favorite season.  I also love some nail-biting college football!  Being from the south, many Saturdays are spent cheering for your team and arguing over who gets the best chair.  NCAA football is a fall staple – but it’s also a tough guy’s sport.  In recognition of “The … Continue Reading